90% of YouTube videos about sound for video have that point where the dude on camera says “I’m not a professional sound recordist, and I don’t really know much about this stuff…”

I’ve also discovered that most production companies/video producers/podcasters etc. rely on sound for way more than half their content, but don’t know how to do it right, or don’t realise they’re driving off the audience with bad sound.

I got my start in the late 80’s doing live sound for venues large and small – rock to corporate shows to church. I’ve worked on platinum albums as part of a huge team, and personal albums with an artist, 2 mics and a 100 year old church.

I’ve also worked as a sound recordist (read camera assistant who gets lumped with the sound gear) for every broadcaster in Australia, the BBC, ABC (US) and as the location sound guy for several indie films in the United States.

Not to mention I’ve composed my own music that’s sold for years for stock, been played a few times on the radio and adorned many TV commercials and corporate videos.

Yep – I wanted to be a director of photography. So that’s why despite shooting all manner of broadcast things, and having a very promising run at being a photographer, I keep coming back to sound because no one else in the room knows what they’re doing with audio. Necessity is a mother…

My name is Deane, I record sound on location and I’m an addict.

Welcome to my attempt to fix the world’s sound problems one good recording at a time, until we reach the goal and and can finally say “That sounds better!”